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Do you commonly avoid sexual intimacy? Is your partner complaining because you lack the sexual energy or desire you used to have? You are not alone. Statistically, more women suffer from poor sex drive then men. Approximately 48% of women surveyed complained that they lack sexual motivation, while only 39% of the men questioned had ever experienced poor sex drive or troubled arousal. The frequency and duration of sexual deterioration leaned heavily on the side of women. Many women are depressed, anxious and uneasy about their situation and if untreated, the consequences can run deep. There is no reason for intimacy to feel like a chore and Nymphomax is helping women all over the globe experience the desire, sexual energy and pleasure that's been missing for so long.

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Female impotence is a serious problem and Nymphomax helps women of all ages quickly restore sexual motivation and desire leading up to intimacy while heightening responsiveness, pleasure and orgasm during sexual activity. Making the most of your sex life is easy, natural and extremely inviting with Nymphomax.

Nymphomax is not situation-specific and can be taken as a daily regimen, giving you the freedom and spontaneity to enjoy sex whenever you'd like. Nymphomax is safe and part of healthy course for women who suffer from low libido. While individual results may vary, many women report tremendous results within the first week of use.

Contributors like stress, menopause, hysterectomy, birth control pills, prescription medications, hormonal changes, as well as, the day-to-day stresses of parenting, age, diet and other factors make it easy to understand why so many women share this common problem. Until now, women have had to rely on foul oils, messy and sticky creams or pills that are taken for months with no results. Nymphomax can restore sexual desire quickly and safely while promoting optimal sexual health and leading to more frequent and more pleasurable sexual intimacy for you and your partner.

For women, there is strong connection between the mind and body. Nymphomax is a powerful sexual enhancer that stimulates both the mind and body to drastically increase passion, emotions and senses. You owe it to yourself to experience the sensations and energy that only Nymphomax can bring during intimacy. It's no secret that physical pleasure and happiness are heavily dependent on one another. Nymphomax is the bridge between the mind, body and the soul of your sensuality.

Nymphomax uses all-natural botanicals to deliver a powerful non-prescription one-a-day pill for sufferers of Female Sexual Arousal Disorder and libido loss brought on by a host of health related and other sexual deficiencies that many women face today. Women agree, Nymphomax is the safe, effective, fast and affordable solution to restoring sexual desire...

Just look what's in Nymphomax:

Kacip Fatimah
Kacip fatimah helps strengthen and tone abdominal muscles and the vaginal wall and tissue. The herb also promotes emotional well-being, reduces fatigue, and increases libido and energy and above all greatly increase sexual desire.

Horny Goat weed
It increases levels of nitric oxide, which relaxes smooth muscle and can help facilitate blood flow to the genital area of ??women. It is also used to increase libido (desire for sex) in males and females. Increased blood flow to the genital area (clitoris for women), helps increase the likelihood of reaching an orgasm.

Pueraria Mirifica
Pueraria mirifica is able to act improving the vaginal dryness that can be experienced during menopause and increasing sexual desire.

Withania Somnifera
It has the reputation of being an aphrodisiac and sexual tonic and is used to fight against fatigue , especially for convalescents. Its sedative properties make it an ally in the fight a against insomnia, anxiety and various nervous disorders.

The active ingredient piperine has been proven to increase the body's Absorption of the other herbs. Allowing the ingredients of Nymphomax to be fully absorbed and start working faster.

It is an amino acid that intervenes in the first phase of the erective response of the clitoris. It is recommended for "women with difficulty getting aroused, decreased sexual desire or anaorgasmia



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"I had forgotten the passion and lost the desire somewhere along the way. I have been using Nymphomax and I have literally come into the best sexual years of my life and feel even friskier than I ever have. Me and my husband have sex about 3 times a week now whereas before it was maybe once a month. I am fairly young (38) and I just didn't realize my lack of desire wasn't mutual. Now, I am easily excitable again and have more sexual energy then I know what to do with. Moreover, my husband is like a new man and is more attentive and romantic than I knew he was capable of being. I'd highly recommend Nymphomax to anyone in my old shoes."
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