Adds vital vitamins and nutrients to the scalp.

You have several traditional options to treat your Alopecia. Some of these are more effective than others are, but the medical establishment will tell you none of them is a complete cure.

For those with less severe Alopecia (less than 50% hair loss), cortisone injections are applied to the bare skin patches once a month. This may or may not stimulate new hair growth, but it does NOT prevent you from losing more hair.

The over-the-counter treatments for male pattern baldness contain an ingredient called 5% topical minoxidil, which may grow back some of your hair. The minoxidil treatments will not help you at all if you have lost all of your hair.

All of these options are expensive and a real hassle to deal with, not to mention possibly painful. (Who wants a needle in their scalp??) Worst of all, even if you follow the directions perfectly, the treatments may do nothing to reverse your hair loss!!!

We know you’re wondering if there is a better way, a safer, faster or more efficient way you can permanently deal with your Alopecia.

Here is What Will Happen To You Using Hair Again

- NO MORE SHAME: You will regain the confidence you once had!
- NO MORE HIDING: You won’t be ashamed to go out in public without a hat!
- YOU WILL BE TAKING CONTROL: You will feel like you are really doing something to help your Alopecia!
- YOUR INNER BEAUTY WILL SHINE THROUGH ONCE MORE: You will feel alive, radiant and attractive to others because you will truly like the way you look again.

There are many dozens of products on the market these days including, NU-GRO, Profectiv, Revivogen, Fabao, Nioxin, Organin, Rogaine, Folicure, Folligen, Provilus, Biotin, Tricomin, Minoxidi and Propecia just to name a few some are effective and some are not, but none are as safe to use and effective as "Hair Again".

Hair Again is produced using top quality naturaceuticals...

Saw Palmetto Extract
Saw Palmetto and alopecia. The most interesting effect apart from treating the prostate in which it is incumbent on hair growth and forcing some types of baldness to be stopped. The use of saw palmetto for alopecia is due to the content of beta-sitosterol and dihydrotestosterone . Some people indicate that they have an improvement in hair growth when they take it.
Taking saw palmetto inhibits the secretion of the hormone dihydrotestosterone DHT that causes androgenic alopecia . This is the same principle that has the treatment with finasteride used for multiple types of alopecia and that gives better results. As it was known that some of the active principles of palmetto could interact with the production of this gland, several studies were carried out to understand if it really works to stop baldness.

Ginkgo Biloba Extract
Ginkgo Biloba is beneficial to reactivate blood circulation, therefore, it will allow us to reactivate the blood circulating to the hair follicles. In theory, this would lead to a new hair revitalization and hair growth.
According to studies carried out by the "University of Maryland Medical Center", Ginkgo Biloba will promote blood circulation and will have a positive action on the hair since it is a natural antioxidant. Using extracts of Ginkgo Biloba will promote the growth of new hair and will strengthen the existing one.

Panax Ginseng Extract
Due to the properties of this plant is that it will be beneficial to treat the hair and stop the alopecia. In principle, Ginseng will help strengthen the hair, making the hair follicles healthier and nourishing them. In addition, Ginseng will alleviate the physical and mental stress that often are the main or complementary cause of hair loss.

Nettle Root Extract
This plant so used for medicinal purposes is included in the recipe of many products and hair lotions because it allows to improve the health and beauty of hair naturally. Mainly, it stands out for preventing excessive hair loss and having the ability to repair the finest and weakest hair, giving them much more body, density and volume. It also helps to reduce excess sebum on the scalp and end the dandruff permanently.

You'll be amazed when you learn how and why Hair Again was first made and used. The combination of the ingredients has been used internationally for over a decade to help stop and reverse the embarrassment that patchy hair loss from Alopecia causes you.

Numerous tests, studies and research from doctors in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia prove that you don't have to suffer from the humiliation and the questioning looks any longer. We guarantee it!These ingredients have been used to help people with their hair regrowth treatment for many, many years. The ingredients are refined and processed in laboratories that are of such a high standard that most pharmaceutical companies would be envious of.

You have to understand that Hair Again works from the inside out to help your body recognize that your hair is just hair, not “the enemy.” The unique combination of potent botanical ingredients in Hair Again has been proven in numerous tests to help normalize your immune function and reverse the process of hair follicle weakening. That’s why we are confident that Hair Again will help stop your shame and embarrassment from Alopecia, and that's why you'll never find a solution like Hair Again anywhere else in the world.

How does Hair Again work?

before and after hair loss

It treats androgenetic alopecia and is indicated for both men and women.

This supplement for hair loss and hair regrowth inhibits the negative effects of the 5a reductase enzyme, which causes the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Provides intense nutrition to increase the stiffness and thickness of the hair.

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